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8 Jul , 2017  

Story via #danceswithcomms. Some good conversations here today with @ahealthyfuture_

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22 Mar , 2017  

Story via #NHSDigital. Anything planned here? @goodthingsfdn @stuartberry1 @ahealthyfuture_?

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21 Mar , 2017  

Story via #ahealthyfuture_. We need YOU to help shape the future of our #health and social care system in #Burnley 

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5 Mar , 2017  

Story via #NHSChoices. We’re here 2 help @ReedyfordGP, Yarnspinnners Monday 6th March 10 till 3pm. @goodthingsfdn @ahealthyfuture_ @HealthUnlocked


24 Jan , 2017  

Having a change of day @ReedyfordGP today, helping with @patient Patient Access @ahealthyfuture_ @HealthUnlocked etc next session 30th Jan